World Dodgeball

Since June 2019, the European Dodgeball Federation (EDF) has been a member of the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF). We believe that this collaboration should help us drive the sport of dodgeball forward and improve the international competitive offering of dodgeball, while increasing the reach of it on the European continent.

This collaboration also necessitated adjustments to the international tournament system. Starting in 2021, a new schedule was implemented: EDF European Dodgeball Championships (“Euros”) will occur in odd-numbered years and WDBF World Championships in even-numbered years. The Euros serve as a qualifying tournament for the subsequent World Championships – additional information on how these qualifications will function will be announced in relation to each competition, reflecting the growth of the sport. Additionally, in even-numbered years, alongside the World Championships, we will host the EDF Regional Championships (CEC, NEC, WEC, EEC).

The schedule is as follows:

  • 2022: WDBF World Championships
  • 2023: EDF Euros (Qualifier for WC2024)
  • 2024: WDBF World Championships
  • 2024: EDF Regional Championships (CEC, NEC, WEC, EEC)
  • 2025: EDF Euros (Qualifier for WC2026)
  • 2026: WDBF World Championships
  • 2026: EDF Regional Championships (CEC, NEC, WEC, EEC)
  • 2027: EDF Euros (Qualifier for WC2028)

This schedule promises ongoing international dodgeball competitions for the foreseeable future. We anticipate this schedule will continue beyond 2027; however, updates to the structure of international dodgeball will be announced when they occur, and this page will be updated accordingly.

More information relating to the World Dodgeball Federation can be found on their website.