EDF – European Dodgeball Federation

The European Dodgeball Federation (EDF) is the continental governing body for all national Dodgeball organisations in Europe.

Currently the EDF counts 20 members all across Europe. Details about the national organisations can be found in the members section.

The EDF is a non-for-profit organisation.

EDF’s goals are:

  • Growing and strenghtening a solid and functioning continental federation with democratic structures and transparency
  • Continuing growth in member nations, national tournament and leagues, national players and people playing the sport in general
  • Supporting all grassroots projects of all member nations
  • Working towards national and international recognition by governmental institutions
  • Delivering 3 continental championships per year on the highest competitive level possible
  • Unifying the Rules and Regulations of the game of dodgeball all across Europe
  • Setting up a continental-wide referee system as well as coaching courses system

Max Golda

European Dodgeball Federation