EDF – European Dodgeball Federation

European Dodgeball Federation (EDF)

The European Dodgeball Federation (EDF) is the primary governing body for dodgeball in Europe. We operate as a non-profit, with the aim to promote and develop dodgeball as a popular and inclusive sport across the European continent.

Key Objectives:

  1. Standardisation of Rules: EDF works diligently to standardise the rules and regulations of dodgeball across Europe to ensure fair play and consistency in competitions. This includes specifying the dimensions of the court, the number of players on each team, and the rules of play. We are currently on the 6th Edition of our Cloth Ruleset. We are also working to standardise international competitive dodgeball rulesets with the World Dodgeball Federation, who we joined in collaboration in 2019.
  2. International Competitions: EDF organises and sanctions various international dodgeball competitions. These include the EDF European Championships, which occur every two years (on odd years), and a selection of EDF Regional European Championships, which occur in the intervening years and help foster growth and new team development. These events bring together the best teams and players from across Europe to showcase their skills and compete for glory.
  3. Development and Growth: EDF is committed to the growth of dodgeball at all levels, from grassroots to elite. The federation supports the establishment of national and regional dodgeball associations and provides resources and guidance for the development of the sport
  4. Youth Programmes: EDF places a strong emphasis on growing youth dodgeball, as an important vehicle not only for growing the sport of dodgeball and ensuring future generations of the sport, but also providing a healthy sport and outlet for youth across Europe. We are currently developing a roster of Junior level competitions, which will be announced shortly.
  5. Promotion of Inclusivity: EDF is dedicated to ensuring that dodgeball is an inclusive sport, welcoming players of all ages, genders, and abilities. The federation actively promotes diversity and strives to eliminate barriers to participation.
  6. Cooperation with International Bodies: EDF collaborates with other dodgeball organisations worldwide, such as the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF), to foster international cooperation and the growth of dodgeball on a global scale.
  7. Media and Promotion: The federation works to raise the profile of dodgeball through media partnerships, social media, and promotional campaigns, making the sport more accessible to fans and potential players. We also work to grow sponsorship and financial accessibility within the sport.

The EDF consists of member organisations representing various European countries and regions, each contributing to the development and governance of dodgeball within their respective areas. These members can be found here, alongside contact information for each. The organisation structure can be found in total here, and contact information for all department heads as well as a general contact form for all inquiries can be found here.