Volunteer for EDF

If you are interested in becoming a part of our EDF team, please fill out the below form. An explanation of the distinction between Committee volunteers and Department volunteers can be found beneath this form.

The following departments are currently recruiting actively:

  • Development: need volunteers for the creation of development aiding materials (eg coaching guidance) and helping liaise with new clubs/dodgeballing nations.
  • Media: in need of year-round volunteers to help with the output of social media materials for EDF. Experience creating graphics (eg through Photoshop, Canva) and/or experience editing videos in particular needed.
  • Legal: need volunteers to run eligibility checks on players ahead of upcoming events (including regional European championships).

Commentators: the Head of Media is also creating a groupchat of individuals with commentator experience or a strong interest in commentating future events. This groupchat will be used to advertise upcoming commentator opportunities throughout the year.

The following committees are also looking for new members to bolster committee numbers:

  • Protest & Punishment: looking for individuals with playing or coaching experience
  • Health & Safety: looking for individuals with an understanding of healthcare needs (eg: physiotherapy, sports heath, mental health, pediatrics).
  • Rules and Regulations: looking for individuals with experience playing or coaching and a passion for detail


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We select Department Volunteers on a rolling basis – if you apply for one of these positions, you should hear a response within a few weeks. Our Committee Volunteers are selected either at our yearly AGM, aka Congress (usually held during European Championships, or online during non-Euros years) – if you apply for one of these positions, we will send an acknowledgment of receipt which will tell you when the next AGM is. In certain circumstances, Committee members may be elected outside of a Congress, for example if members unexpectedly have to retire from their position.


Our EDF Committees are made up of volunteers who are selected for the position and elected into the role by national representatives at our AGMs. These committees are as follows:

  • Health & Safety: this committee is formed of care professionals and revolves around forming regulations to ensure player safety at our events, both on and off court.
  • Rules & Regulations: this committee is formed of current and former dodgeball players and coaches. The committee is in charge of amending our ruleset to reflect changing needs in the sport and ensure that it grows in a safe manner.
  • Protest & Punishment: this committee is formed of current and former dodgeball players and coaches. Any player or nation protests or complaints are dealt with via this committee. For reasons of conflict of interest, committee members here are not allowed to participate in issues concerning their current or former playing nation.

Committee members are elected on a baseline four year term. Members are expected to represent their personal and professional beliefs within the committee, rather than the beliefs of any organisational or national body to whom they may belong.


Our EDF departments are run by the Department Heads, who are elected on four year terms by national representatives at our AGM. These departments are:

  • Legal: dealing with any legal requirements, including player safeguarding and media legislation, as well as managing player eligibility checks. Head: Shun Wong.
  • Finance: managing the budget of EDF and ensuring that this is utilised correctly within the broader organisation. Head: Benjamin Favre.
  • Development: dealing with any opportunities for developing the sport, including developing dodgeball clubs in new dodgeballing nations, registering new member nations to EDF, and the creation of tools for developing clubs across Europe. Head: Tamara Höfer.
  • Competition: managing the organisation of EDF competitions and the smooth running of these during the events. Head: Matteo Mini.
  • Media: managing all media output from EDF including livestreaming, website, social media, and any digital tools for development (including coaching materials). Head: Zoë Wells

Department volunteers are selected by the Department Heads directly, and are onboarded on a rolling basis, based on the needs of those departments. There is no set term for a department volunteer, as it is a more flexible position.