EDF Commentators

We have a pool of experienced commentators that we use for our events. During the run up to EDF events, we draw from this pool to ensure a high quality of commentating is given.

If you are hosting a dodgeball event in Europe that will be livestreamed and requires commentating, and would like to utilise our commentator pool, please get in touch via media@dodgeballeurope.org. Your event does not need to be an EDF sponsored event; we are happy to help in any circumstance. We can equally provide a remote commentating service, where our commentators add audio to the stream remotely.

Join our Commentating Team

If you are interested in becoming an EDF commentator, please fill out the form on this page, detailing any experience you have. If you do not currently have any dodgeball commentating experience, please detail other relevant experience you have (number of years playing/coaching dodgeball, any commentator/radio/performance experience). We are happy to help train any new commentators.